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With over a decade of experience, we've guided athletes through injuries and empowered them to reach new heights and our team is poised to elevate your game.
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Injury Prevention & Recovery

Epione’s prowess in injury prevention and recovery empowers athletes to excel and stay in the game. With our expert guidance and dedicated care, injuries are mere hurdles on your path to greatness.


Performance Enhancement

We at Epione elevates you, unleashing your full potential with unique strategies. Experience peak performance with our cutting-edge techniques as we redefine what’s possible for athletes.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Our Solutions are your bridge to victorious return to the field post injury. Recover like a champion with Epione’s expert rehabilitation programs. Bounce back stronger, faster and wiser like a pro!

Resilience in Action

Injuries are obstacles, not roadblocks. Epione Sports Management offers advanced injury resilience and rehabilitation programs, tailored to aid your swift and strong return to the field.
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Your Journey,
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While our expert doctors proudly served elite athletes, our mission extends to athletes of all backgrounds and levels. We at Epione offer elite-level care with a welcoming embrace to athletes of all walks of life.

Dr Sudheer Dara

Founder & Director of Epione & Chief of Pain Medicine

Dr Srilatha Puli

Dr Srilatha Puli

Founder & Chief Consultant Radiologist


Dr. Minal Chandra

Cofounder & Consultant Pain Specialist


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    Our Brand Ambassadors

    Brilliant Staff , Superb amenities , Dr Sudheer Dara is god send , he is boon to mankind , Dr Minal Chandra is as good as they come , superb professional, this is by far the best Pain Relief Clinic in India.
    Sujato Ghatak
    Software Engineer
    Excellent doctor, great humanitarian. I have not yet met any other doctor like Dr minal, who takes so much personal care of the patients. I thank you minal mam for providing me good treatment
    Deepak Singh
    Sports Coach
    I took treatment for my tennis elbow. I was explained all details about my condition. They explained me the condition of my elbow. Since 8 months i am completely pain free. I am thankful to Dr sudheer dara sir and dr minal chandra. The staff here is very cooperative and provides excellent service
    Priya Darshini
    Sports Enthusiast

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